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Name:Not Forgotten Legacy - Sephiroth Musebox
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Community description:sephiroth musebox
Musebox for [personal profile] neverbeamemory

Welcome to my Musebox guys. Finally decided to get one to play out all of those things that either meme's might be unsuitable/uncomfortable for or otherwise CR that I might never get with this muse in any game!

I'll update this BIO with preferences/permissions as I find out what I find comfortable or not. The only thing I can safely say for museboxing with me is, please - for smut-anything, I play het!Sephiroth and both mun/muse do not want to change this.

So join if you dare, I only ask that you please give a brief summary when you post new things so that I can have some idea what sort of thread you'd like to play out. Also, a msg on Plurk or something so I can accept you would be nice as well!

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